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Brand Spotlight: Cotopaxi
Cotopaxi’s brand motto, “Do Good”, isn’t just another lofty, empty promise from a large corporation. It’s actually the opposite - a brand that is leading the way, making substantial, actionable changes in the outdoor fashion industry - truly doing good. But don’t just take our word for it - here’s a rundown of why we love Cotopaxi (and think you should too!)
Organic Cotton & Recycled polyester Series #3
Plunging into week 3 of our Sustainable Materials Series, we welcome you! Let's take a deeper look into organic cotton and recycled polyester, ways...
Spring Cleaning *Part Two* Building your Closet Backup Ethically
So, you condensed your closet….now, how do you replenish it ethically, by making mindful choices? Ready to support safe work conditions, fair compensation standards, and reduce your environmental impact?
Spring Cleaning
There is something invigorating and emotionally freeing about eliminating the old, or the “unworn”.  In turn, we optimistically make space for the new and better understand what we are putting to good use. We must consider where the “old” and unworn is going when discarded. This is where the idea of revamping our closets for a lighter feel in 2021 comes in. Many of us have underutilized garments in our closets, simply collecting dust. There’s no better time than this month, to spotlight “spring cleaning”, bringing us a sense of awareness of our environmental impacts as we plunge into Spring. 

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