According to Boston Consulting Group’s 2019 “Pulse of the Fashion Industry” update, The fashion industry is dragging its feet in its sustainability efforts. Another study of 5000 consumers stated that 75% of respondents rate sustainability as very or somewhat important, regarding their purchases.

What does this mean for us as consumers? Rapid innovation harnesses new opportunities to create longer-lasting materials, and minimize environmental impacts. Why not feel good about the materials in your clothing? How about the opportunity to trace your closet back to its original source? ActiveThreads does the leg work on your behalf, to support you with brands who place sustainability to their highest regard. Let’s take a deeper look into hemp and bamboo.

The popularity of hemp is certainly evolving, as we’ve come across many companies who are shifting focus to incorporate and prioritize Hemp as a staple in our closets. Rooted in textile manufacturing during the 1800’s, hemp became federally illegal to grow and produce until 2018. Fast-forwarding to the 2020’s, we are experiencing a significant shift as hemp takes center stage. Hemp textiles can actually biodegrade! The rise of concern regarding overflowing landfills and polluted water systems leads to an increased commitment to waste management. Hemp offers producers, manufactures and consumers a fantastic versatile alternative to other resource-intensive or waste contributing fibers. Contributing scientific research has us allured to understand more about hemps inclusive nature. It offers inclusive value through its durability, strength and longevity, as directly compared to other fibers. Ever heard the term, “it grows like a weed”? Surely, hemp does indeed grow at incredible speeds. It’s fantastically sound nature allows it to absorb carbon and is naturally chemical free. To see more on the revolution of Hemp, check out our featured brand Prana, we live in their Cozy Tank all summer. Prana is functional, catering to the outdoor traveler, and takes responsibility for the materials they adopt into each article of clothing. Hemp is versatile and boasts many qualities we are excited to share with you.

Hemps Great Qualities

  • Strong and lightweight
  • “Grows like a weed”
  • Versatile
  • Chemical free in its raw form
  • ⅓ the water as carbon

Are you curious about ways to incorporate and wear bamboo? For some time now, you will have found bamboo fibers integrated and interwoven with other materials to create durability and strength in clothing. Bamboo is unbelievably regenerative. Bamboo also appeals to consumers for its softness and capability to drape on the body, however, there is controversy surrounding the “softening” process, which may release harmful materials. Other manufactures have adopted bamboo into their lines for many reasons including its capability to grow in various climates, but also its antibacterial qualities.

SO, why bamboo for you? Check out our featured partner Tasc Performance! An American family-born brand, working to provide quality natural materials and eliminate plastic. Tasc unleashes the power of Bamboo with clean activewear. Bamboo is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and often odor resistant. Skin concerns, allergies? Bamboo may be for you. From an environmental standpoint, bamboo absorbs a substantial amount of carbon emissions while producing oxygen directly back into the atmosphere. At ActiveThreads we believe Bamboo is a material you can wear and feel good about it. If you want to give it a try the Nola collection is a must!!

Bamboo Pro’s

  • Its speedy growth (can grow up to 4ft a day!)
  • Durable and strong
  • Cool, breathable wear and drape
  • Antibacterial, and hypoallergenic
  • Capable of growing in different climates


March 15, 2021 — Marisa Imus

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