Our Founders Story

WWe’re two people who lean into the beautiful complexity of women’s lives. We’re: moms, friends, wives, sometimes serious athletes, sometimes devoted relaxers, lighthearted adventurers, do-gooders, and businesswomen. For the record: Those descriptors change in order of importance by the moment and by the day. And we think that’s okay.

After years leading different buying divisions at one the world’s biggest e-commerce sites, we recognized a few problems with the e-commerce model. The convenience is great, but the joy of discovering interesting new brands was decidedly lacking. And the risk of “trying” an unfamiliar product or brand effectively wiped out all the benefits of all that supposed convenience.

We founded Active Threads to achieve two goals at once: 

  • To elevate purpose-driven brands that are giving back to the world, and 
  • To make shopping fun again by bringing back the element of discovery with products curated specifically for active women. 

We’re all affected by the constant drone of “doing it all” and never breaking a sweat. Active Threads doesn’t care what you do or how well you do it. We just want to empower women with that dusting of confidence that comes from living authentically.

With Active Threads, women will find products that enable more comfortable, cool, fashion-forward movement through the world, from brands that are doing their part to make this world a better place. Just like you. 

- Marisa & Bridget

What we do:

Carefully curated collections with purpose-driven partners 

We do our research so you can spend more time doing what you love. There’s a big problem with online shopping. An algorithm is telling you what to buy. But we see you. You’re a confident, independent woman who doesn’t want to be corralled by a math equation. Same here, sister.

That’s why we started Active Threads. We hand-select every product with (y)our values in mind. The gear and apparel we sell is durable, high-quality and extremally functional.

And there’s more. The products you see on Active Threads are backed by a purpose, because we carefully choose brands that are working toward a better world. No joke. Every brand we sell has a higher purpose. Whether it’s sustainability, inclusivity or giving back to their communities, we believe that companies must do good to be good. That’s how you live your life. Why not choose brands that uphold the same standards?

We think you can have performance driven pieces that make you feel & look good

Why We Do It

We’re all about supporting women making the most out of every day - however, wherever, and in whatever way you choose. That’s confidence and we’re here for it. From rolling on the floor with a toddler, to climbing a peak or perfecting that Warrior II, we’ve got you covered. No judgment, no pressure. Active Threads is a celebration of living with our own purpose.

Define your own path. Love what (and whom) you love. Claim your own beauty. Choose how you spend your own free time. You can do it all, or not. Up to you.

But there is a catch. Part of feeling good is doing good. Our choices don’t exist in a vacuum. They have real-world consequences for other people and the planet.

That’s the other reason we started Active Threads. We’ve done the research to ensure that every brand we sell is operating with a purpose more than pure commerce. Every item you buy through our store is made by a company that is actively giving back to the world.

That feels good.

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