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Jackets & Outerwear

Temperatures cooling down? Going hiking in the mountains? Time to break out the layers! No matter the season, we’ve got you covered with women’s fleece, puffers, and jackets that are ethically made with responsibly sourced down material, durable rain jackets and insulated coats that are packable enough to toss in your daypack or everyday coats to wear grocery shopping, to the gym, or to happy hour with your friends.
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Sublime Fleece Jacket WomensSublime Fleece Jacket Womens
  • Burgundy/ Black
Topo Designs
Sublime Fleece Jacket Womens
Regular price $189.00 $129.00
Fuego Down Hooded Pullover - WomenFuego Down Hooded Pullover - Women
  • Amber Stripes
  • Chestnut Stripes
Abrazo Hooded Full-Zip Fleece JacketAbrazo Hooded Full-Zip Fleece Jacket
  • Black & Cream-F21
  • Maritime & Amber-F22
Solazo Down VestSolazo Down Vest
  • Cavern & Spice-F22
Solazo Down Vest
Regular price $165.00 $115.50
Fuego Down ParkaFuego Down Parka
  • Spice Stripes
  • Maritime Stripes-F22
Fuego Down Parka
Regular price $295.00 $206.50
Yosemite Rocks Trail Fleece
  • Blue
Power to the Parks Shrooms Trail FleecePower to the Parks Shrooms Trail Fleece
  • Green Shroom
Butterflies Trail FleeceButterflies Trail Fleece
  • Butterflies
Parks Project
Butterflies Trail Fleece
Regular price $120.00
Mountain Puffer Hoodie Women'sMountain Puffer Hoodie Women's
  • Burgundy
  • Slate
Topo Designs
Mountain Puffer Hoodie Women's
Regular price $199.00 $129.00
Beach Riot Laurie Jacket Sangria CheckBeach Riot Laurie Jacket Sangria Check
  • Sangria Check
Ayaba Mix Down Insulated JacketAyaba Mix Down Insulated Jacket
  • Red Rose/ Dark Etna CB
Ayaba Down Insulated JacketAyaba Down Insulated Jacket
Ayaba Down Insulated Jacket
Regular price $400.00 $240.00
Papluma II Down VestPapluma II Down Vest
  • Ivy
  • Red Rose
Papluma II Down Vest
Regular price $170.00 $110.00
Poplun V Down Insulated Half Zip VestPoplun V Down Insulated Half Zip Vest
Pecora Color Block FleecePecora Color Block Fleece
Pecora Color Block Fleece
Regular price $165.00 $99.00
Pecora Fleece SweaterPecora Fleece Sweater
Pecora Fleece Sweater
Regular price $165.00 $99.00
Dirt Jacket Women'sDirt Jacket Women's
  • Peppercorn
  • Brick
Topo Designs
Dirt Jacket Women's
Regular price $129.00
Cielo Rain JacketCielo Rain Jacket
  • XS
  • SM
  • MD
  • LG
  • XL
Cielo Rain Jacket
Regular price $145.00
Fuego Down VestFuego Down Vest
  • Amber Stripes-F22
  • Thistle Stripes-f22
Fuego Down Vest
Regular price $165.00 $115.50
Fuego Down JacketFuego Down Jacket
  • Chestnut & Spice-F22
  • Black Stripes
Fuego Down Jacket
Regular price $245.00 $171.50
Fuego Down Hooded JacketFuego Down Hooded Jacket
  • Maritime & Raspberry
  • Amber Stripes-F22
Fuego Down Hooded Jacket
Regular price $275.00 $192.50
Teca Calido Hooded Jacket- ReversibleTeca Calido Hooded Jacket- Reversible
  • Video Tape-S22
  • Run Run
Kaitum Fleece Women'sKaitum Fleece Women's
  • Deep Forest
Kaitum Fleece Women's
Regular price $200.00
Expedition X-Latt Jacket Women's
  • Deep Forest
Expedition X-Latt Jacket Women's
Regular price $200.00 $160.00
Expedition Pack Down Jacket Women'sExpedition Pack Down Jacket Women's
  • UN Blue
  • True Red
Expedition Pack Down Jacket Women's
Regular price $250.00 $200.00
Expedition Latt Hoodie Women'sExpedition Latt Hoodie Women's
  • Terracotta Brown
Expedition Latt Hoodie Women's
Regular price $210.00 $175.00
Teca Fleece Pullover- RecycledTeca Fleece Pullover- Recycled
  • Honeycomb
  • Huckleberry Pie
  • Graze Lightly
  • Round The World
Teca Fleece Hooded Full-Zip Jacket - WomensTeca Fleece Hooded Full-Zip Jacket - Womens
  • Dragons Exist
Viento Wind JacketViento Wind Jacket
  • Iron
Viento Wind Jacket
Regular price $120.00 $84.00
Zion Narrows Sherpa Pullover
  • Green Multi
Parks Project
Zion Narrows Sherpa Pullover
Regular price $140.00
Yellowstone Geysers Trail SherpaYellowstone Geysers Trail Sherpa
  • Green
Parks Project
Yellowstone Geysers Trail Sherpa
Regular price $140.00
Mantar Insulated Hooded VestMantar Insulated Hooded Vest
  • Pine
Mantar Insulated Hooded Vest
Regular price $235.00 $141.00
Amado FleeceFleece & Soft Shell Amado Fleece Cotopaxi
  • Raspberry/Canyon
Amado Fleece
Regular price $75.00 $52.50
Fleece & Soft Shell Fjallraven Abisko Trail Fleece- Women's FjällrävenFleece & Soft Shell Fjallraven Abisko Trail Fleece- Women's Fjällräven
  • Deep Forest
Vardag Anorak- Women'sFleece & Soft Shell Vardag Anorak- Women's Fjällräven
  • Arctic Green - Buckwheat Brown
  • Bordeaux Red
Vardag Anorak- Women's
Regular price $190.00 $152.00
Rain & Shell Jackets Indyeva ISLA II Rain Shell INDYEVARain & Shell Jackets Indyeva ISLA II Rain Shell INDYEVA
  • Pomelo
  • Root
Indyeva ISLA II Rain Shell
Regular price $230.00 $138.00

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