Calling all women who are inspired advocates, fashionistas, and catalysts for climate change! Did you know that the fashion and textile industry produces 10% of ALL humanity’s carbon emissions, which additionally is the second-largest consumer of the global water supply? Oceans and waterways are contaminated with plastic pollution from the outputs of our textile production. Equally alarming, is that around 85% of textiles are wasted and directly sent to landfill/incineration each year.

We welcome you with enthusiasm and empower you to join an eco-conscious fashion movement with us here at Active Threads. As you may already be aware, conventional fashion practices are detrimental to the global climate crisis and directly impact our daily lives. We will keep this post as digestible as possible for those who may be new to sustainable fashion (Not to worry, it is what we are here for!). Fashion globalization presents us with many opportunities for improvement. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their contributions to the climate crisis we face today, and its harmful greenhouse gas effects. Sustainability pioneers like Patagonia never fail to inspire us to hustle toward better business practices. Here at AT, we spotlight brands we feel good about, and support you by ensuring our company commitment with a higher purpose. Our partners strive to guarantee ethical practices, incorporating Made in USA, organic and recycled materials. Active Threads fosters a collective of socially conscious and FairTrade collaborations. Keep your eyes peeled for our growing alliance! 

Active Threads envisions a circular future, a world where we have mastered the modern built environment, as ethically as possible through the lens of fashion. We are inspired to keep evolving and curate a community for active women who are eager to support a functional yet conscious small fashion business. Active Threads is only getting started, but we embark on our dreams of a collective future, with hustle to measure the impacts of mitigating our shared climate crisis. We take our continued improvements seriously, and work to craft a holistic approach. With a bright future ahead, Active Threads continues to encourage partners who tackle ultimate transparency and sustainability from end to end. We promote ethical brands who consider the fine tuned details from early design stages to end user product longevity. While we are not perfect, we aspire to support small activewear brands who specialize in ethical expertise. These are exciting times to share the stories of sustainability on behalf of our respective partners. Simultaneously, loyal customers get to be at the forefront of our expansion! But frankly, how are we as Active Threads working to achieve inclusive sustainability?  Our core values are ingrained in AT’s ecosystem by holding stakeholders accountable to their mission statements of eco conscious business. We work to bridge the gap for retailers to outwardly share their purpose led visions by connecting consumer’s with brands who embody their shared principles.

Rising pressures from investors push large corporations to offer transparent data on behalf of their environmental impacts. It is no guess that smaller scale and local businesses are following suit. Today, over 80% of the top companies across the globe, are now reporting on their climate impacts and sustainability measures. It is important for a business to disclose their impacts, goals, and accomplishments on behalf of their contribution or detriment to the environment. The telling intersection of motivated designers and trendsetters aim to achieve circularity, while sharing a company’s progress with customers each step of the way. What does total circularity look like from a fashion business?

Circular business models ensure the longevity of products by keeping materials in flow throughout the value system, versus discards and waste sent to landfill. Sustainable shifts are transforming how retailers create value by ensuring sustainable practices through circular business models. While accomplishing full circularity may look long term, it presents an opportunity to fulfill consumer demands, drive innovation and simultaneously reduce environmental impact. Meaningful progress has been made and disruptive start-ups are implementing a wide range of circular models.

The Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation presents a case study of a business that integrates a circular model into a fast-fashion business. The chart below portrays how a clothing brand can indeed implement a circular model, and keep material flows flowing across value chains. This flow allows the capability to facilitate a circular loop structure from early design stages, throughout supply chain production, and into the end customer's closet.

The core values of Active Threads seek to empower women who are passionate for the outdoors and wellness. Our small team at AT actively works to ensure full disclosure of our energy and commitment toward better business. “Secret Sustainability”, coined by The Guardian, is simply the act of not sharing company goals, conflicting with the potential of a brand’s code of conduct while at risk of greenwashing. While we at Active Threads are not perfect, we dream big through continued learning, and we promise to provide transparency of our continued efforts each step of the way.

Want to know more about the sustainable fashion revolution and our bold commitments? Stay tuned! We are creating engaging content, and aim to provide resourceful information surrounding topics like organic cotton, Bluesign, Fair Trade, and traceable down. We are warriors, raising  the bar for the outwear industry through our support of small and eco-conscious businesses. Thank you for your contribution and joining us as we enhance the Active Threads foundation!


March 15, 2021 — Marisa Imus

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