Author: Courtney Stephenson

Cotopaxi’s brand motto, “Do Good”, isn’t just another lofty, empty promise from a large corporation. It’s actually the opposite - a brand that is leading the way, making substantial, actionable changes in the outdoor fashion industry - truly doing good. But don’t just take our word for it - here’s a rundown of why we love Cotopaxi (and think you should too!)

    1. Cotopaxi is Certified Climate Neutral -- 

    The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, right behind the oil industry. Rising global greenhouse gas emissions and climate change are two of the most pressing issues of our lifetime, and we need corporations to lead the change to reverse this trajectory. 

    Cotopaxi has partnered with Climate Neutral, a non-profit that assists brands with measuring their carbon footprint and helps them become 100% carbon neutral (meaning, the business emits the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that they offset by other means).

    Cotopaxi has purchased carbon offsets from projects such as Los Eucaliptos Afforestation Project in Uruguay and Tribal Renewal Energy Stacked Offsets in the US to become 100% carbon neutral. You can read the full breakdown of their Climate Neutral certification here.

        2. Cotopaxi has a transparent manufacturing process -- 

    If you’ve ever tried to find out exactly where your clothes are made, chances are, your research ended with the “Made In ____” tag. The truth is that most brands, focused on profitability and production speed, don’t really know where their goods are manufactured. They may know the country, but it is rare to be able to trace your goods back to an actual factory.

    “Made In” doesn’t tell you if your new bag or jacket was made in a factory that pays a living wage, or by people who are of legal working age, or in a factory with air conditioning and good working conditions. 

    Cotopaxi ensures their factories follow the Higg Index facility model, meaning they are committed to fair social labor and environmentally sound practices. Unlike most other brands, you can trace back your Cotopaxi products directly to the factories.

    To learn more about where your Cotopaxi goods come from, click here.

        3.Cotopaxi is a Certified B Corporation

      B Corp is to businesses what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. Certified B Corps are actively working to align their business model with improving human conditions, inspiring social and environmental change, and alleviating poverty. Cotopaxi has been a certified B Corp since 2015, and they put 1% of their revenue toward fighting global poverty. Through their grant program, they’ve awarded 42 grants in 6 different countries. To learn more about the organizations Cotopaxi has supported, click here.

      Our Favorite Cotopaxi Picks

      Cotopaxi focuses on fun, yet functional outdoor gear, and they are actively working to ensure 100% of their products are made from non-virgin, recycled, or responsible materials. Here are a few of our favorite items:

        Looking for a new hiking day pack? Look no further! The Luzon 18L backpack is one of the best daypacks on the market - and it’s made from 100% repurposed material as part of Cotopaxi’s (Re)Purpose™ Collection, which uses leftover fabric from other companies’ production runs. Made of ripstop nylon, this pack is extremely lightweight but very durable. There is a main compartment and an internal sleeve for your hydration pack. From music festivals to the trail, the Luzon has you covered!

          From running errands around town to hitting the trail, the Veza Adventure Jogger is perfect for the girl on the go. This mid-rise jogger has a wide elastic waistband, cuffed elastic at the ankle, and zippered side pockets. These are lightweight, comfortable, and will become a go-to staple in your closet for everyday wear.

          This tank is just the best - made from 80% recycled polyester and 20% all-natural, sustainable TENCEL - it’s the softest tank we’ve tried! This will quickly become your summer staple with its quick-dry, breathable material. This tank is longer than your average tank and has an anti-odor finish that keeps it smelling and feeling fresh between washes.

          This 3L waist pack is a top hiking pack for those wanting to go hands-free on the trail. It’s roomy enough to fit all the essentials, including phone, keys, wallet, and snacks. As part of the (Re)Purpose™ Collection, each of these bags is one-of-a-kind, made from leftover fabrics from other companies’ production runs, so not only will you have a unique bag, but you’ll be keeping leftover fabric out of landfills.

          July 13, 2021 — Courtney Stephenson

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