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Brenna Ellis - Oct 2022

The Curvy Solution
Fjällräven’s Eco-Friendly, Women-Specific Hiking Pants

YCurvy women are familiar with the struggle. Women’s clothing has always seemed like a smaller version of men’s clothing. Any pants or bottoms that fit the waistline are way too tight in the thigh area. Those that do fit around the thighs fall off the waist.

There’s usually no middle ground. 

For too long, these sizing struggles have led to feelings of resentment toward our bodies. We’ve left stores depressed and empty-handed. No one needs to feel that way while shopping for new pants.

The good news is, now you don’t have to!

While many companies are out there making AMAZING women’s outdoor clothing, we want to share one of our favorites. This brand has timeless designs, offers women’s pants in curvy and regular fit, has different inseams, and knows women aren’t all built the same.

Say hello to Fjällräven!

A Quick History of Fjällräven

Founded in 1960 in Sweden (the land of beautiful design), Fjällräven, which means “The Arctic Fox,” was created with the mission of making the outdoors more accessible to everyone. Since then, it has grown into a global leader in the outdoor industry, proving that a company can be both successful and environmentally friendly. 

Fjällräven is known for its mindful use of fabrics, durable construction, and community engagement initiatives that do a lot of good in the world. The company hosts epic international excursions and donates to help protect the arctic fox, its namesake, proving Fjällräven is more than just a clothing brand.

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Since its inception, Fjällräven has operated with a larger-than-usual idea of what it takes to be successful. It’s mindful of the life cycle of every piece of clothing it makes, constructing them of durable fabrics so each can last for generations.

On top of durability, these products are made of as few materials as possible. As technology advances, they will be easier to recycle at the end of their life. 

It’s fair to say Fjällräven has forged its own path in terms of sustainability, setting standards for the rest of the outdoor industry. This is just a snapshot of the measures the business takes to be as ethical and sustainable as possible: 

  • Use of 100% traceable down feathers 
  • Use of recycled and organic materials whenever possible
  • Use of durable fabrics and timeless designs to last a lifetime
  • Any animal-byproduct materials are from certified animal-welfare operations
  •  No PFCs, which are manmade chemicals commonly used to make clothing water and/or stain-resistant.

PFCs have been linked to hormonal imbalances, don’t break down naturally, and have been found to accumulate up the food chain, appearing in animals and humans around the world.

Learn more here about Fjallraven's on-going quest for PFC-Free Eco-Shell

Fjällräven is one of the few and first companies to distance themselves from these harmful chemicals. With standards like these and a full code of ethics book, Fjällräven is truly one of a kind in the outdoor world.

Keb Curved: Your Foxy New Trousers

The piece from Fjällräven we are most excited about is the Keb Curved Trousers. They are the perfect do-everything hiking pants, sporting a more generous fit around the rear and thighs and a higher-cut, accentuated waist. 

Made of a polyester/cotton blend with organically grown fibers and recycled materials, the Keb can hold its own against sagebrush, overgrown trails, and red rock. 

Say goodbye to the days of torn and irreparable nylon hiking pants. It’s time to upgrade your bottoms and get into these amazing pants for your next outdoor adventure.  Weighing in at just over 1lb, they pack a lot of durability in a lightweight package.

From hiking your local trails on a sunny fall day to spring in the mountains, they will keep you protected in all weather. The Keb Trousers are wind- and water-resistant thanks to Fjällräven’s G-1000 Eco fabric, which is also flexible and durable.

The fabric can also be waxed for added water repellency on extra-wet days. How awesome is that?

Learn How to Wax your Fjällräven Garment

As hardcore as these pants are, they don’t just stand up to the elements – they also move with you and make you feel comfortable out in the world. Panels of stretch material make them a joy to move in, and full-length vents keep you cool on warmer days.

They are as unrestrictive as clothing gets, a real total-package pair of pants!

At $235, these pants may seem a bit pricey, but they’ll undoubtedly last longer than most hiking pants and are worth the investment. With these pants, you shouldn’t have to buy another pair (unless it’s another pair of these) for many years to come. On top of that, Fjällräven’s timeless design and neutral colors will always be fashionable!

These pants and their cute fox logo aren’t just for hipsters anymore – they are for every outdoorswoman. Everyone should have a pair of these in their hiking arsenal.

What are you waiting for?

Get a pair of Keb Curved Trousers today to see what the hype is all about!

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