Heavyweight Fjord Flannel Overshirt

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Welcome to our rugged corner of the outdoors, where style meets utility. Introducing the Patagonia Women's Heavyweight Fjord Flannel Overshirt—a testament to the fusion of masculinity and femininity, designed for those who appreciate both the rugged and refined aspects of outdoor fashion.

Behold the shaket a term coined from the marriage of "shirt" and "jacket." This hybrid garment encapsulates the essence of versatile outdoor wear, blurring the lines between rugged workwear and everyday style. The Women's Heavyweight Fjord Flannel Overshirt exemplifies this concept, redefining traditional notions of femininity by embracing a lean masculine aesthetic.

Why We Love This Shaket

  • Hearty Warmth: Crafted with a heavyweight organic cotton flannel, this overshirt offers robust warmth, perfect for cooler outdoor adventures. The fabric's substantial feel promises durability that withstands the test of time.
  • Shirt-Jacket Versatility: The "shaket" is your quintessential companion for transitional weather. Wear it as an additional layer over a tee, or button it up for a standalone shirt. Its adaptability ensures you're always prepared for temperature fluctuations.
  • Authenticity Meets Elegance: The lean masculine design of the Women's Heavyweight Fjord Flannel Overshirt draws inspiration from classic workwear, exuding authenticity and a rugged charm. Yet, it's tailored to maintain a graceful silhouette that enhances your femininity.
  • Functional Pockets: Two chest pockets add to the overshirt's utility, offering a practical space for small essentials or warming your hands during brisk strolls.
  • Button-Down Front: The button-down front adds to the overshirt's traditional workwear appeal, while also allowing you to adjust ventilation as needed.
  • Straight Hem: The straight hem offers a clean, unfussy finish that complements the overshirt's bold plaid patterns.
  • Flannel Comfort: Organic cotton flannel ensures unmatched comfort again tour skin, making this overshirt not only rugged but also cozy.
  • With the Women's Heavyweight Fjord Flannel Overshirt, you're embracing a bold androgynous style that resonates with your love for adventure and fashion. Whether you're chopping wood at the cabin or strolling through the autumn woods, this "shaket" effortlessly marries toughness with refinement.