P-6 Logo LoPro Trucker Hat


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Ladies who thrive under open skies and dance to the rhythm of nature, say hello to your new adventure accomplice – the Patagonia P-6 Logo Lopro Trucker Hat! This hat is like your trusty trailside companion, shading you from the sun and keeping those windswept locks in check as you conquer peaks, explore trails, and soak in the beauty of the great outdoors.

With its vintage logo and breathable mesh back, this hat exudes the spirit of exploration. It's not just a hat; it's an ode to your outdoor journey. Picture yourself summiting mountains with that iconic logo by your side, or sharing stories around the campfire, the soft evening breeze rustling through your hair. The Patagonia P-6 Logo Lopro Trucker Hat is more than an accessory – it's a statement of your unwavering bond with nature and your fearless pursuit of adventure. So, fellow outdoor enthusiasts, let's salute to the trails conquered and the horizons yet to be explored, all while looking effortlessly cool. Adventure awaits, and so does your perfect hat!


  • Classic Six-Panel Trucker Design: Embrace the timeless appeal of the six-panel trucker hat design, featuring a breathable mesh-back and a traditional ball-cap fit that's perfect for outdoor adventures.
  • Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton: Crafted from 100% organic cotton canvas for the front and sweatband, this hat not only feels great but also supports sustainable practices.
  • Brim Crafted from Recycled Fishing Nets: The hat's brim is a champion of sustainability, made from NetPlus® 100% recycled fishing nets, giving discarded materials a new life while protecting our oceans.
  • Customizable Fit:** With an adjustable snap closure, this hat ensures a comfortable and personalized fit for every head.
  • Ethical Production:* Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, this hat reflects Patagonia's commitment to supporting fair wages and ethical labor practices, ensuring that the people who made the product earned a premium for their craftsmanship.
  • Country of Origin: Crafted with care in Vietnam, blending global expertise with a dedication to quality.
  • Lightweight Comfort: Weighing just 85 grams (3 oz), this hat adds minimal weight while delivering maximum style and functionality to your outdoor wardrobe.