Poppy & Pout Lip Balm - Blood Orange Mint


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Introducing the Poppy & Pout Blood Orange Mint Lip Balm, a delightful fusion of invigorating flavors and nourishing ingredients to transform your lip care routine. Crafted with care and conscious choices, this lip balm offers a burst of freshness while providing essential hydration for your lips.

Key Features and Ingredients:

1. Blood Orange Zest:
Immerse yourself in the zesty allure of blood orange. Our lip balm delivers a burst of citrusy freshness that invigorates your senses and adds a touch of vibrancy to your daily lip care routine.

2. Cooling Mint Sensation:
Experience a refreshing minty sensation that cools and revitalizes your lips. The subtle hint of mint adds an extra layer of freshness, making this lip balm a delightful treat for your lips.

3. All-Natural Beeswax Base:
Our lip balm is anchored in an all-natural beeswax base, providing a protective shield to seal in moisture. Beeswax helps to keep your lips hydrated and supple, creating a smooth and nourished feel.

4. **Jojoba Oil for Deep Moisture:**
Enriched with jojoba oil, our lip balm goes beyond surface hydration, penetrating deep to moisturize and soften your lips. Jojoba oil mimics the skin's natural oils, offering a natural and effective solution for dryness.

5. **Cruelty-Free and Environmentally Friendly:**
Poppy & Pout is committed to cruelty-free beauty and environmentally conscious practices. By choosing our Blood Orange Mint Lip Balm, you're supporting a brand dedicated to ethical and sustainable beauty.

6. **Handcrafted with Care:**
Each lip balm is lovingly handcrafted, ensuring attention to detail and quality in every tube. The result is a product that not only cares for your lips but also reflects the artisanal craftsmanship that sets Poppy & Pout apart.

Elevate your lip care experience with the enticing blend of Blood Orange and Mint from Poppy & Pout. Indulge in a burst of flavor while treating your lips to the nourishment they deserve. Embrace the natural beauty of your lips with this enchanting lip balm. 

About Poppy & Pout

Get in touch with your inner flower child with our vintage-inspired, 100% natural lip balms. They are hand-poured into beautifully designed, biodegradable paperboard tubes.