Yoga Rocks

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Small adjustments can equate to big changes. Designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners, yoga rocks are sure to take your practice further. This new tool provides instant activation throughout the muscles of the hands to support strong hand, wrist, and forearm stability. You will feel the opportunity to connect more fully to your mat and the rest of your upper body as you heighten your awareness of how you move, activate, and align.

How do Yoga Rocks work!?

-Yoga Rocks give you a way to activate your body weight through the pointer fingers and thumbs or inner hands. This sparks supportive structure through the wrists and forearms (and beyond) and lightens the weight in the heels of the hands. Yoga Rocks provide strength, stability, consistency, and full-body integration.  

Why? ANATOMY + FUNCTIONALITY: It's not just WHERE you place you hands, its HOW

The human hand is comprised of the fingers, palm, and wrist. These all work together to provide optimal support and integration with the forearm and beyond, as it's all connected! 

It is tempting to rely on the hinge of the wrist, placing the majority of our body weight into the heels of the hands in order to stay steady. Rather than placing our weight here passively, creating excess wrist pressure, we want to firm or heavy our weight into the inner hand (pointer finger and thumb). This area connects us to the larger muscles of the hand, supporting the structure of the wrist with connection to the forearm. Yoga Rocks give us an easy way to consistently support our natural structure in this way. 

With connection and awareness of how we move and use the smaller parts of ourselves, we increase strength, avoid injury, and improve overall alignment.

Here's to longevity in our practice!


*Not designed to support your entire body weight but rather guide you to activate!

*Will adhere semi-permanently to most yoga mats (cloth applications not recommended)

*Can be removed with boiling water and a little love.


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