Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat Towel - Ultra-Grippy, Moisture Absorbing & Quick-Dry


Meet the YDL Yoga Mat Towel: Your mat's new best friend! This vibrant, super-absorbent towel adds a splash of color and a whole lot of grip to your practice. Say goodbye to slippery surfaces and hello to a fun, sweat-soaking yoga session. It's the perfect partner to keep you cool, stylish, and focused on the mat!


- Lightweight, ultra-absorbent, non-slip microfiber towel for rapid drying – perfect for yoga.
- Prevents sweat buildup, puddles, and slipping when placed over your yoga mat.
- **Pro Tip:** Enhance grip by wetting your hands or spritzing water on your mat before practice.
- Environmentally conscious: Crafted from long-lasting recycled PET microfiber and printed with water-based inks.
- Each towel repurposes 15 recycled plastic bottles, reducing plastic waste.
- Versatile and multi-purpose, suitable for yoga, travel, beach trips, and active sporty lifestyles.