Black Hole Cube- Small


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Ditch the suitcase jigsaw puzzle and dive into the world of travel zen with the Patagonia Black Hole Small Packing Cube. This little wonder is like a magic trick for your luggage, transforming chaos into organized bliss faster than you can say "jetsetter." Wrangling your essentials into a neat 6-liter haven, it's the superhero sidekick your suitcase deserves. So go ahead, pack smarter, not harder – because with this packing cube, your travel game is as tight as a perfectly rolled t-shirt!


  • Extreme Durability: Built with burly recycled polyester ripstop, featuring a tough TPU-film laminate that laughs in the face of harsh weather.

  • Divided Bliss: Main compartment is divvied up with zippered mesh pockets for the ultimate in organized packing.

  • External Adventure Buddy: An exterior daisy chain offers a spot to clip on to packs or duffel bags, turning you into a luggage whisperer.

  • Grab and Go: Equipped with a spacious grab handle, making the cube a breeze to carry.

  • Zip with a Smile: Plastic zipper sliders ensure a salty surprise doesn't ruin the day, fighting off corrosion like a pro.

  • Perfectly Petite: This packing wizard offers 6 liters of capacity, ideal for containing your travel treasures.

  • Fair Trade Gem: Made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, supporting fair wages and ethical labor practices.

  • Globally Grown: Crafted with care in Vietnam, where quality meets global expertise.

  • Weightless Wonder: Weighing only 200 grams (7.05 oz), this cube adds negligible weight while adding massive convenience to your travel routine.

  • Small Measurements: 10" x 5.25" x 4" 3L (183 cu in) 99 g (3.5 oz)