Atom Sling 8L



Introducing the Patagonia Atom Sling, the ultimate wingman for your adventures! This sling is designed to keep you hands-free and organized while adding a touch of style to your travel and festival experiences. With the Atom Sling by your side, you'll be the envy of your friends and the hero of convenience.

Picture this: you're at a festival, the beats are pumping, and the crowd is going wild. With a quick swing around, the Atom Sling grants you easy access to all your essentials. It's like having a magic trick up your sleeve, except this one delivers your phone, wallet, snacks, and more.

But wait, there's more! The Atom Sling is just the right size—not too big, not too small—for those who like to keep things minimal yet functional. It's like a TARDIS, magically fitting everything you need without feeling bulky or awkward.

Now, let's talk comfort. The Atom Sling features a padded and adjustable strap that can be worn over either shoulder. It's like having a friendly koala bear hug you all day, minus the eucalyptus leaves. Say goodbye to sore shoulders and hello to a blissful journey!

Don't let the weather rain on your parade. The Atom Sling comes equipped with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, keeping your belongings dry even in unexpected rain showers. No more soggy sandwiches or ruined festival tickets—just worry-free fun!

But the Atom Sling isn't just convenient and stylish; it's also environmentally friendly. Made from 100% recycled polyester with a DWR finish, this sling is a testament to Patagonia's commitment to sustainability. It's like having a fashionable superhero accessory that saves the planet one adventure at a time.

So, whether you're jet-setting around the globe, conquering epic festivals, or simply exploring the great outdoors, the Patagonia Atom Sling is your trusted partner in crime. Get ready to experience convenience, comfort, and eco-conscious style like never before. It's time to sling your way to greatness!


  • 100% Recycled Polyester With PFC-Free DWR Finish: The backpack is made from 100% recycled polyester, promoting sustainability. The body of the backpack also features a PFC-free DWR finish, providing a durable water-repellent coating without the use of perfluorinated chemicals.
  • Ergonomic, Single-Strap Harness: The backpack is equipped with an asymmetrical harness designed to carry weight close to the body, ensuring all-day comfort even during extended wear.
  • Zippered Front Pocket: A larger front pocket is included, providing convenient storage for items such as a phone or frequently used belongings that need to be easily accessible.
  • Divided Main Compartment: The main compartment of the backpack features an internal divider, allowing for organized storage and separation of items.
  • Internal Organization: The backpack offers two main compartments with dedicated storage, making it easy to keep belongings organized and readily accessible.
  • Tuck-Away Storage Straps: The front straps of the backpack can be tucked away when not in use, providing a convenient solution for carrying a yoga mat or an extra layer.
  • Supporting Fair Trade: The backpack is Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, ensuring that the individuals involved in its production received a premium for their labor. By choosing this backpack, you contribute to fair wages and ethical labor practices.
  • Country of Origin: The backpack is made in Vietnam, upholding Patagonia's commitment to global production standards.
  • Weight: The backpack weighs approximately 340 g (12 oz), offering a lightweight and comfortable option for carrying essentials on the go.