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Let's face it, Moms have put in the work this past year. Get her a gift that works as hard as she does.

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Prana believes that doingwhat’s right isn’t always fast or easy, but shortcuts have never been their thing.Honoring the planet and the people who share it should be at the forefront ofany decision. We tread lightly, or not at all. The great outdoors provides uswith so much, and at prAna, they believe in returning the favor. Just as theybelieve that those who make their clothes should be supported and paid fairlyfor their skill. In support of or goal here at Active Threads, Prana believesthat Sustainability and style can and must live together in harmony. We allhave the power to choose, let's use it as a force for unrelenting good.


If you are looking foryoga clothes, tanks, hiking pants, or sports bras you know you can feel goodabout your purchase from Prana


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Electa Legging

Electa Legging

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High-waisted support, supersoft comfort, and studio-to-street worthy strength? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s exactly what you’ll find with our Electa Legging for women.  We know there is debate on the topic of taking leggings hiking but for short day hikes with little to no scrambling, these guys...

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