Black Hole Pack 32L


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Introducing the Patagonia Black Hole Pack 32 Liters – the backpack that's more than just a pack; it's your portable portal to adventure! Whether you're chasing sunsets, summiting peaks, or just embarking on a spontaneous quest for the best coffee in town, this pack has your back (literally). With a colossal 32-liter capacity, it's like Mary Poppins' bag, but for outdoor enthusiasts.

Crafted from the legendary Black Hole fabric that's tougher than a grizzly's grip and more weather-resistant than a cactus in a rainstorm, this pack laughs in the face of unpredictable weather. Picture yourself stashing your essentials in the roomy main compartment, where laptops cozy up with snacks and maps cuddle with water bottles. Plus, with padded shoulder straps designed for cloud-like comfort and a back panel that keeps you cooler than the flip side of the pillow, you're practically floating on air while you roam. Adventure doesn't wait for anyone, and neither does this pack – grab the Patagonia Black Hole Pack 32 Liters and let the escapades begin!


  • Laptop Luxury:** Dedicated padded compartment fits most 15" laptops with easy access through a convenient side zipper, ensuring your tech travels in style and safety.
  • Breathe Easy Back Panel:** The airmesh back panel does more than just look cool it keeps you comfortably cool too! Enjoy enhanced ventilation and comfort while on the move, backed by padded shoulder harness and sternum strap for extra coziness.
  • Stacks Like a Champ:** The back panel handle isn't just for show – it's your secret weapon for stacking this pack onto your rolling luggage, turning you into a travel ninja navigating airports and train stations.
  • Stretch and Sip:** Water bottles and guidebooks, meet your new stretch-woven side pocket pals. Hydration and adventure essentials now have a cozy home. Plus, the top-mounted, reinforced haul handle and front daisy chains mean you're always ready to gear up for the next chapter.
  • Fair Trade Fabulous:** Created in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, this pack stands for more than just utility – it represents fairness, supporting those who made it with a labor premium.
  • Global Quality:** Expertly crafted in Vietnam, marrying international expertise with top-tier quality.
  • Weightless Warrior:** Weighing in at just 760 grams (1 lb 11 oz), this pack's got your back without adding baggage to your journey.